26 October 2009

Patients interested in cosmetic surgery procedures are being strongly advised against seeking cheap fixes abroad, due to the risks involved in choosing unqualified and unethical surgeons. Kent News reports that a cosmetic surgeon in the region, Brent Tanner, has observed a growing "wave of people going to foreign countries" for cheap plastic surgery. According to Mr Wells, as many as 10 per cent of patients report complications arising from these procedures, which require repairs from qualified surgeons back home.Mr Tanner observes: "With aesthetic surgery there are two things - what you look like afterwards, and whether you are ill because of it." Examples of botched surgery carried out abroad include face lifts that removed too much skin from the patient's face, causing their eyelids to be pulled down, and procedures such as uneven boob jobs and liposuction that require "evening out" to achieve a symmetrical appearance. One of the major issues is that many unethical clinics abroad do not offer consultations or aftercare services in the price of cosmetic surgery, meaning patients are unable to seek advice. Mr Tanner explains: "For people who smoke or who are dieting like mad, the surgeon should say stop smoking and put on weight, but if you are with one of those foreign surgeons they go ahead with the operation. "There is no particular country that is worst, but Poland and Indonesia have started opening up shop recently." The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) is carrying out extensive research into unethical cosmetic surgery 'tourism' overseas.