15 June 2011

Care of beautyA botched DIY line and wrinkle treatment that left a woman with disfigured lips and cheeks has sparked huge concern about the risks of buying kits online. Experts in Australia, where the woman lives, are warning patients not to buy injectable treatments on the internet as the retailers of such goods are completely unregulated and often supply potentially harmful substances. The woman, who has not been identified, bought a substance called HA 40 mg/ml in good faith from an overseas website, but the dermal filler caused a severe allergic reaction which led to swelling as well as a large infected abscess. Representatives from The Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia reminded customers looking for line and wrinkle treatments to opt for Botox and dermal fillers administered by registered professionals at regulated clinics. Society president Gabrielle Caswell said: Every pharmaceutical company operating in Australia registers its medicines with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and never sells medicines online. This alone should alert individuals that they cannot purchase such products from a legitimate source online. The public should be aware that the substance they intend to purchase online may not be sterile or, worse, may be a toxic blend of something unidentifiable leading to longer-term illness, scarring and disfigurement.