Cosmetic Surgeons share tips they tell their friends

Cosmetic Surgeons share tips they tell their friends

22 December 2014

When your best friend works as a Cosmetic Surgeon, you’re privy to a lot of insider information and best-practice tips. Here are the top seven tips that Cosmetic Surgeons share with their friends:


  • Change your sleeping position to reduce wrinkles

By sleeping on your stomach or your side night after night you’ll leave your face prone to developing deep wrinkles, particularly around your mouth. Instead, Florida-based Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Edward H. Farrior recommends sleeping on your back.

He said: “As impossible as it sounds, you really need to sleep on your back so that you’re not putting that extra pressure on your skin. If you just can’t make that work, swap your cotton pillowcase for one made of silk or satin, two fabrics that are much more forgiving.”

  • Stay out of the sun and quit smoking

Excessive exposure to the sun and years of smoking can play havoc with your skin. Not only does it leave you with premature wrinkles, it can also make you look as though you’re ten years older than you are – not to mention, both can lead to cancer. New York-based Cosmetic Surgeon Edwin Williams said: “Laying off the sun and the cigarettes is the easiest way to keep your skin looking young.”

  • Cellulite can’t be fixed with a treatment

Although treatments exist to tackle cellulite, Maryland-based Cosmetic Surgeon Barry Cohen deems their effects less than impressive. When you weigh up the risk of infection from such treatment, as well as the high price tag, he says the results are just not worth it.

  • Be realistic in your Cosmetic Surgery goals

When it comes to Breast Enlargement, it pays to know your body type, as well as your breast size. While bringing a photo of your preferred outcome is a good way for the Cosmetic Surgeon to understand your goals, Associate Professor of Cosmetic Surgery at Ohio State University in Columbus, Anne Taylor, says that patients must be realistic.

She said: “If you can find a photo of somebody with a similar build to you, it’s completely realistic to expect similar results on your own body. […] But if you bring me a picture of someone with a completely different body type, that won’t be the case.”

  • Liposuction is for contouring, not weight loss

For Scott Bradley Glasberg, President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), not doing your research before requesting a procedure is a big no-no. He maintains that he tells patients looking for weight loss through Liposuction that they’re better off putting in hard work at the gym.

“People always ask me how much weight they’ll lose with liposuction. That’s the big myth. Liposuction is a contouring procedure – it’s not something that will magically make you skinny again.

“You have to be at your ideal body weight – or close – before liposuction, because that’s the way you’re going to get the best results.”

  • Tummy Tuck surgery is not a quick fix

Many patients mistakenly believe that they can have a Tummy Tuck and see a huge difference straightaway. Not only that, but that they can resume their usual activities immediately after surgery. Oklahoma City-based Cosmetic Surgeon Anureet K. Bajaj says differently: “It takes time for your body to heal. A significant portion of the swelling goes down after the first couple of weeks, but it’s usually another six to eight weeks before the puffiness is completely gone. And it might be a year before the scar – which typically stretches from hip bone to hip bone – fades and the final results take shape.”

  • You don’t always need Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re unhappy with a particular body part, it’s easy to become fixated with having to get it fixed. What many patients don’t seem to realise however, is that what they think is awful is actually completely unnoticeable. Edwin Williams said: “[Sometimes] I’ll tell them, ‘Leave yourself alone – there’s just not enough to gain from going down that road.’

“People become fixated with the smallest things that no one else sees. When they don’t believe me, I point out my chin: I have this weird asymmetry that no one else ever notices.”


So there you have it – top secrets from Cosmetic Surgeons themselves. If you could ask a Cosmetic Surgeon anything, what would it be? Pose your question on our Facebook page.