Cosmetic Surgeons to conduct consultations via Skype

30 March 2015

There’s a new trend emerging in the Cosmetic Surgery industry – consultations over Skype! In fact, many Cosmetic Surgeons have already trialled Skype consultations with their patients to great success.

So what are some of the benefits emerging from this? One company in Turkey has boasted reduced waiting times for patients wanting a one-to-one consultation prior to their Cosmetic procedure, all thanks to Skype.

The consultations are arranged at a suitable time for the patient in question, reducing wait times and allowing patients to feel more relaxed in the comfort of their home. This free video consultation means patients won’t have to actually visit the clinic in person until the day of their procedure or treatment.

Professor Dr Fuat Yuksel of the Turkey-based clinic said: “Video consultations give patients peace of mind, they can ask any medical questions that may be playing on their mind and it means we can form a mutual understanding with them before they commit to anything.”

He went on to say that his clinic offers a final face-to-face consultation prior to any surgery in which patients are examined “meticulously and given a step-by-step description about how the procedure will be performed”.

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Image Credit Attribution: pressureUA/iStock/Thinkstock