11 May 2012

Cosmetic surgeons are increasingly turning to new 3D technology in order to help give patients as much information as possible about the procedure they're about to undergo. According to a report by Private Healthcare UK, more and more doctors are now choosing to use imaging technology which is capable of showing a cosmetic surgery patient how he or she is likely to look once the treatment has been carried out. A three-dimensional image of the patient's face is created and then altered as required to show the likely results of the surgery.Dr Paul LoVerme, managing director at the LoVerme Center for Plastic Surgery in New Jersey, said the technology has helped to push forward the boundaries. He said: "Using a series of six specialised camera lenses, strobes, and the most sophisticated software, we can now capture images of facial features and measure specifically how much volume is needed to create the desired result." The technique is said to be of considerable value to surgeons when it comes to managing patient expectations, allowing customers to have a realistic understanding of what is possible and what to expect. See original story here: