12 November 2008

A Korean woman developed an addiction to plastic surgery that eventually resulted in her injecting her own face with cooking oil.

According to The Telegraph, Hang Mioku, now 48, had her first experience with plastic surgery when she was just 28. She then quickly developed an addiction that saw her undergoing multiple operations, which continued when she moved to Japan.

As her addiction took hold, it became obvious to some surgeons that she was requesting unnecessary treatments and many refused to carry out any more work on her now enlarged and disfigured face. One even suggesting that her obsession could be the symptom of a psychological disorder.

When Hang returned to Korea, she started treatment for a mental disorder. But when the treatment became too expensive for her, she soon returned to her previous pursuits and she found a doctor who was willing to give her silicone injections and even gave her a syringe of her own so that she could administer the treatment herself. When Hang ran out of silicone, she resorted to injecting cooking oil instead, resulting in extreme swelling and disfigurement.

As a result of public donations, Hang as since had an operation to fix some of the damage done to her face. Last month saw plastic surgeons warn against the danger of binging on cosmetic treatments such as Botox. This arose when doctors at the Harley Medical Group found patients returning for top-ups before necessary - a propensity that has been dubbed 'Wrinklerexia'