15 August 2011

80375663New research has revealed that women gossip for up to five hours every day, and that one of the most popular topics of conversation is cosmetic surgery. A survey, published in the Daily Express Newspaper, has found that women gossip on average for 298 minutes every day. These minutes are taken up with talk about other peoples problems, relationships, children, diet, recipes and what cosmetic surgery procedures they would like.Diet, dress size and weight account for approximately 24 minutes of gossip every day, while celebrities also take up a few minutes each day. Steve Barton, of FirstCape Cafe Collection that commissioned the poll, said: Women are renowned for their ability to chat and men are fascinated by what they find to talk about when they get together. I never would have guessed food would have been such a hot topic. Im pleased to see complaining about their partners was at the bottom of their list, though. It is also interesting to see how the conversation differs between women talking to each other and women talking to their partners.