11 May 2009

A recent report from research group Mintel has discovered that almost half of all adults would consider undergoing cosmetic surgery. The survey also found that tummy tucks were the most attractive procedure, particularly for mothers of young children with three out of five women in that category saying they would consider the treatment. Furthermore, mothers were overall found to be more likely to contemplate cosmetic surgery. According to news site Salford Online, Alexandra Richmond, senior consumer analyst at Mintel, said: "Having children puts women's bodies through an awful lot of change, and many may feel unhappy with their post-pregnancy figure. This is a key reason why mums are most likely to want surgery." However, the cosmetic surgery study also discovered that two in five people would consider a tummy tuck over both sexes and that 36 per cent of those questioned would have liposuction. Meanwhile only 19 per cent of respondents indicated that they would contemplate breast enlargements, suggesting that slimming procedures seem particularly appealing to the public at this point in time. The number of body reshaping procedures in the UK increased the fastest of any surgical procedures between 2006 and 2007. The procedure has grown from 26 per cent from 15,800 in 2006 to 29,300 last year, Salford Online reports. 148 million was spent on body reshaping procedures last year and recent figures have revealed that cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular with men. New statistics from the Harley Medical Group revealed a 26 per cent increase in males choosing to undergo plastic surgery, with city workers, civil servants and men who work in politics, law and accountancy highlighted as particularly likely to choose cosmetic surgery.