16 March 2012

‘Feminisation’ – the process of having cosmetic surgery to look more like a woman – is becoming increasingly popular with gender reassignment patients. While gender reassignment therapy is not new, the process of making sure physical facial features look as feminine as possible is a trend that is on the rise.In an interview with ABC News, Dr Jeffrey Spiegal of the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Boston University Medical Center, called himself “the best” in feminisation surgery. He also described the work that he does as “gender-confirming surgery”, which involves anything from narrowing the jaw, to reshaping the lips, the area around the eyes, and the nose. However, Dr Spiegal says his job is particularly difficult, because people have a “gut reaction” when it comes to deciding if a person is male or female, and these reactions are based on very subtle details. He also believes that ideals of beauty have changed in recent times, and that these days, “if you see a woman who has a shaved head like Sinead O'Connor or a woman undergoing chemotherapy, you don't look and say, ’there's a man’, but ‘there's a bald woman’,” he said. See the original story here: