27 October 2010

The UK's aging population appears to have created a boom in the number of people opting for cosmetic surgery, with new reports revealing that the number of women over 50 choosing procedures has soared in recent years. According to the Daily Mail, figures from The Harley Medical Group have found that the number of women over 50 booking procedures such as dermal fillers, laser treatment, Botox and skin peels has increased by almost 70 per cent in the space of a year. What's more, growing numbers have been found to be selecting non-surgical facelifts in particular, as they look for non-invasive ways to boost confidence. Many of these women are believed to be combating the effects of the menopause, as a drop in the level of the reproductive hormone oestrogen during this time makes it difficult for skin to retain moisture, and in turn this can result in a dry and sagging complexion. Other problems that can arise during the menopause include uneven skin pigmentation; this is caused by a weakening of the colour producing cells in the skin caused by age. Common treatments for this condition include laser treatments or skin peels. The Harley Medical Group also revealed a 54 per cent rise in the number choosing laser treatment for thread veins and a 36 per cent growth in those booking laser hair removal. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Rajiv Grover, president elect of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) explained: "Its really a non-brainer that more women over 50 are opting for non-surgical treatments. "The treatments are most effective for that age group and women of that age have greater disposable income that allows them to fund treatment. "Also, the signs of ageing only really begin to be noticeable when you reach your fifties."