19 November 2013

Sexy legs of woman on ladderChoosing not to 'grow old gracefully', and instead wanting to stay looking slim and attractive for as long as possible is a taboo subject in many workplaces. That's the view of Bedfordshire-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Ravi Jain, who has written about the subject on business news and views website Realbusiness.co.uk. He writes: "Many of the professional people I speak to often feel they are on display in front of their peers, teams and boards."This amplifies their body-image concerns and for some, it reaches the point where it is affecting their future career prospects." By contrast, he says that, after undergoing Cosmetic Surgery, nearly nine out of 10 of his patients (87 per cent) said they felt more self-confident. One in six (17 per cent) even reported that their career had taken a step forward as a direct result of improving a part of their body which they had been self-conscious about. Dr Jain notes that the results are most startling among women who undergo surgical procedures before returning to work after pregnancy. "With increasing pressures for women as they continue to accelerate up the career ladders and into boardrooms, it would seem that the desire to stay looking younger for longer, isnt going to disappear any time soon," he concluded.