25 July 2011

119842163A Bristol MP has praised those cosmetic surgery clinics that have supported an initiative to make injectable treatments such as Botox safer for patients. Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol West, Stephen Williams, said: I am very pleased that The Harley Medical Group have now been placed on the register Treatments You Can Trust. I sincerely hope that this will help to improve standards of customer safety in other clinics within my constituency of Bristol West.I hope that it will also demonstrate both the desirability for other clinics and individual practitioners to secure a place on the register and the need for consumers to make a sensible choice when shopping for injectable cosmetics and use to help make their selection. The praise comes after a recent government poll found that more than three quarters of people interested in getting Botox, dermal fillers and other injectable treatments were worried about finding a qualified practitioner. Treatments You Can Trust is an independent register which allows patients to find qualified and registered cosmetic surgery clinics at which to have injectable treatments. It is designed to offer patients a place to start their research into trusted providers.