14 July 2011

Mother with newborn babyDanielle Lloyd yesterday gave birth to her second child, 10 weeks before her due date and just days after she recreated Demi Moores famous pregnancy pose for Vanity Fair. The early birth may well lead to a stint in the cosmetic surgery clinic for Lloyd sooner than she thought, as the reality television star admitted that she would like breast uplift surgery, skin peels and possibly liposuction once the baby was born.On Tuesday, the 27-year-old was reported to have said that her breasts had increased from a size 32DD to a 32F during the pregnancy and that she would love to have them lifted once she had given birth. She also complained of having uneven skin pigmentation as the result of hormonal changes, and is concerned that she wont have regained her figure in time for her marriage to footballer Jamie OHara. After the birth, OHara tweeted: Danielle has delivered our baby this morning 4lb 4oz, 10 weeks early. "Baby and Dan are ok just letting the hospital look after him, he added later.