29 October 2008

New research has shown that 15 per cent of cosmetic surgery patients claim that their partners have also undergone a cosmetic surgery treatment.

These new 'cosmetic surgery couples' have been identified by the Harley Medical Group, who conducted the study, as a new sector in the ever-growing number of cosmetic surgery fans.

The figures show that most of the women in these couples undergo breast augmentation, while the majority of males opt for liposuction.

Liz Dale, Director of the Harley Medical Group, said: "There is no doubt that patients are encouraging their partners to explore cosmetic surgery treatment options, although frequently partners will need a little persuading as they can see the benefits experience by their partners - both physically and psychologically - and don't want to be left behind or stand out in the family's photo album."

What's more, although the gender ratio of patients treated by the cosmetic surgery company certainly favours women at this point in time, the number of men seeking treatments has received a significant boost in recent years.

Rhinoplasty is the most popular male cosmetic surgery procedure, with a 25 per cent share of the total number of operations carried out in 2007, while male liposuction comes a close second at 22 per cent.

The fastest growing male procedure, however, is the male tummy tuck, which has seen a 25 per cent rise since 2006. Male chest reduction (gynaecomastia) has also risen by 20 per cent over the same time period.