18 January 2010

When I think about cosmetic surgery I tend to think of it in two different ways, even though there are crossovers. Basically I think about cosmetic surgery as either a choice people make to help them defy the years or as a way to give nature a helping hand. This might sound like two different ways of saying the same thing to some people, but I see a difference between them and I don't think I'm the only one. Lots of people come to our clinics shy and worried about an aspect of their bodies that's been upsetting them for years. For example, a large or awkwardly shaped nose, a breast size that is either too small or large for their frame or ears that stick out - all of these body hang-ups are the result of aspects that people have been born with. This means that when they are considering cosmetic surgery they are hoping to improve their looks by fixing something they have never been comfortable with. On the other hand, there are many other people who come to see us because, through stress or lifestyle choices, they look older than they feel. In cases like this people are generally looking for ways like Botox or facelifts to perk up their appearance and turn back the clock so that they look more like the way they looked in the past. Of course, you could say that in both cases people are giving mother nature a bit of a helping hand - and that it's all about looking your best and feeling as though your looks outside reflect the way you feel inside. But I don't think there's anything wrong with having a distinction between the two types of surgery. I mean, sometimes people get a hard time about choosing to have surgery in their twenties because there's a perception that people only have cosmetic surgery to look young - and of course that's not the case. Then again, other people may be sneered at for fixing something about their appearance that's bothered them for a long time in their later years - but I think that it's never too late to think about altering something that's impacting your confidence, and if it's your sticky out ears that bother you rather than your wrinkles, then it's fine to concentrate on them instead. I guess the most important thing to remember is that everyone chooses cosmetic surgery for their own reasons - and sometimes it can be hard from the outside to know what those are.