12 July 2011

WFL_033Cosmetic surgery experts in Jerusalem have asked Israels Health Ministry to impose more stringent regulations on clinics and practitioners. The call comes amid fears that more and more complaints are being made following cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong as a result of backstreet procedures. Qualified and registered surgeons are worried that the public is being put at risk unnecessarily because unqualified and inexperienced doctors and surgeons are being allowed to perform complex operations.Data collected by Jerusalems Social Affairs and Health Committee shows that complaints from patients who have undergone less than satisfactory operations in private clinics is at an unacceptable level. A spokesperson said that not every doctor who calls himself a surgeon and works in a private clinic is the real thing. Following the request for tighter supervision on private clinics, Dr Chezy Levy and Dr Michael Dor of the Health Ministry immediately promised action. Batya Mor-Yosef, a patient who had liposuction carried out by a doctor who was not a surgical specialist, said: He didnt examine my medical file, even though I told him I have sensitivities. He promised I would lose 30 kilos and gave me a local anesthetic, but he performed the surgery in a region of my body that was not anesthetized. I had excruciating pains and lost five litres of blood. Thats the way he sent me home. And after all that, I didnt lose even a kilo.