14 January 2014

Injection into woman's lipA new type of Dermal Filler, first approved for use in the UK, is tipped to be one of the biggest Cosmetic Surgery trends of 2014 in America. Juvederm’s Voluma features in the Skin Inc magazine's list of the five most hotly-anticipated innovations in Cosmetic Surgery, where it receives an enthusiastic welcome, the article claiming it "does more than just spackling over lines and plumping up creases. It adds volume and fullness to areas of the face that with advancing age and enhances facial symmetry."Alongside this new generation of Dermal Filler, the magazine's experts also mark out improvements in Lip Enhancements, which will offer patients “natural, subtle, soft and kissable results” and a continued growth in demand for Rhinoplasty – now such a popular procedure that it has been nicknamed Rhino-popularity. The article also mentions increased use of Cryotherapy – or freezing localised parts of face as an anti-ageing technique – as one of the biggest potential growth areas in the field during the year ahead.