24 August 2009

Anne Robinson has unveiled her new youthful appearance in surprising publicity photos for her celebrated return to BBC consumer rights programme Watchdog next month, sparking rumours that the star has had further cosmetic surgery.The 64 year old presenter has always been honest about her use of cosmetic surgery procedures to hold back the years, but a spokesperson has denied that Ms Robinson has undergone more surgery recently, instead putting her refreshed appearance down to a strict diet and exercise regime. Spokesperson Alex Luke states: "Anne has had nothing at all done. It is all down to healthy living. She hasn't had a cigarette in more than 20 years and she hasn't had a drink in that time either. "She runs at least three times a week, so it really is healthy living that makes her look so young. She hasn't had Botox or surgery recently. She will always comment fairly truthfully about these things. It really is a case of healthy living." Ms Robinson's fitness regime includes running and weight lifting, and she obeys a strict organic diet consisting largely of vegetables and fish. The TV presenter and host of the Weakest Link underwent a face lift in 2004 after seeing herself on television and desiring a more youthful complexion. In an industry where ageing presenters are constantly under threat of replacement by younger faces, cosmetic surgery procedures and a healthy lifestyle provide solutions for popular veterans intent on extending their time in the limelight.