30 October 2009

Tara Reid has revealed that she will appear nude in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine, achieving newfound confidence in her body following cosmetic surgery.The 33-year-old actress underwent liposuction and breast augmentation in 2004, but had to undergo further corrective surgery to repair the bulges on her stomach. Her problems with her initial liposuction procedure acts as a reminder to patients everywhere of the importance of choosing a qualified and experienced surgeon for cosmetic treatments, to ensure you achieve your desired results, something that is becoming ever easier with websites such as The Good Surgeon Guide that allows patients to review their experience, share advice and find the right surgeons for the job. Liposuction is now one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures among British women with 83 per cent of women in a recent survey expressing a desire for the fat removing procedure, Liposuction is a treatment that offers a solution for women and men to address hard to shift deposits of fat and can performed on many different areas of the body. Despite previously stating that she would never pose for Playboy, Tara has overcome her fears, posing nude for a photography session earlier this month. According to the Plastic Surgery Channel, the American Pie star still felt self-conscious when she stripped for the camera, but soon relaxed as the shoot continued. Tara Reid's Hollywood career is still going strong, with upcoming roles in The Beautiful Outsiders and The Fields, currently filming in Pennsylvania.