13 March 2009

Beauty experts the world round are commenting that the booty is taking over, and that posteriors are becoming the new focal point for the female form. An article on TBO.com reports that a wide range of body types are being considered much more attractive recently, and that one benefit of that is the acceptance of a curvaceous derriere.But those who don't boast those curves naturally are turning to cosmetic surgery in order to aim for that desired look. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has reported an increase in buttock augmentations and lifts performed in the past few years. ASAPS has noted that their member surgeons performed 5,300 buttock surgeries in 2007, up from 2,500 the year before. Though these numbers might be considered small compared to other procedures - including breast augmentations and Botox jabs - the increase points to a cultural phenomenon that has patients shying away from stick-thin bodies. Robin Lockett, from Tampa, Flordia, told TBO: "A butt never goes out of style... A lot of times men will compliment me on my shape. They won't come out and say it, but I know what they're talking about." Research has even pointed out that having a curvaceous backside could be good for your health, as a report from journal Cell Metabolism noted that buttock and hip fat could protect women from type 2 diabetes. Experts are still warning patients against seeking dramatic procedures to boost their bottoms. They warn against seeking dangerous silicone injections to enhance the size of your buttocks, and note that speaking to a registered cosmetic surgeon is the best choice when considering options including butt implants or lift.