27 May 2014

Theres a new Cosmetic Surgery procedure in town thats proving to be quite handy and that is Hand Rejuvenation.For brides-to-be wanting to look their best on the big day, many are looking to show off their wedding ring with pride by getting a Hand Lift done. This usually is done in people with aged hands. But however were seeing more and more trend of younger people wanting to do this, said Dr. Bardia Amirlak. Specialising in Cosmetic Surgery, Amirlak explained that a lot of women feel self-conscious about their hands from feeling that theyre too plump to those thinking theyre too thin and as a result, are enquiring about vein treatment. Due to the rising popularity of the selfie, many newly-engaged women are lending inspiration from this concept by having close-ups taken of their hands - instead of their faces. A Hand Lift is when you actually try to tighten the skin around the hand by a small incision in the approximate part of the hands where it connects to the skin and pull the skin, explained Dr. Amirlak. According to Dr. Amirlak, alternative treatments include Lasers for unwanted blemishes as well as having Dermal Fillers for smoother-looking hands. Would you opt for Hand-Rejuvenation? A show of hands please!