23 September 2008

Edinburgh singer Lisa Milbury, a contestant on popular talent show the X Factor, has divulged that she is waiting to receive cosmetic surgery following her successful weight loss over the past two and a half years.

The dramatic change, where Ms Milbury lost 18.5 stone, has left the young singer with excess skin which she hopes to have surgically removed.

She told The Sun: "When I first started slimming, I didn't think about the end result. I thought that would be me and I'd just be slim.

"But I still have to have surgery, so there is still a long way to go. I'm waiting to have tummy tuck surgery done.

"I need to have surgery to remove the extra skin on my neck, arms and legs and I'll need a boob job. When you see my arms there is a lot of loose skin.

"Right now, I'm a work in progress!"

The Scottish starlet first realised she should lose weight around Christmas 2005. While watching a television programme about morbid obesity, Ms Milbury saw her future in some of the documentary's participants and knew she had to drastically change her life in order to avoid a possibly fatal outcome.

She ditched unhealthy junk food and switched to eating plenty of fruit and vegetables in order to lose 13.5 stone in one year, followed by another five stone the next.

She explained to the newspaper: "It has all been healthy. A lot of people think Ive had gastric band surgery or starved myself but you should see what I eat - mountains. My biggest fear is going hungry.

"I eat masses of vegetables. I eat the right things now, whereas before I would have eaten 16 burgers now I would eat 16 butternut squashes. You just have to get into the mindset of eating healthy food. "