03 November 2008

News website Best Syndication has published an article detailing the benefits of cosmetic surgery to follow massive weight loss.

From health benefits to physical ones, losing a massive amount of weight is an achievement that many obese men and women can be encouraged to do by their doctors. Sometimes this is done through surgical aid, or sometimes it must be done simply through diet and exercise. Either way is seen as an achievement, but can often pose problems afterwards with loose, stretched out skin that no longer seems to fit.

For example, X Factor contestant Lisa Milbury recently hit the headlines when she revealed she was to undergo plastic surgery after losing 18.5 stone. The starlet divulged that she was waiting on various surgical procedures, such as a tummy tuck, breast surgery and treatments to remove the loose skin she was left with following her dramatic weight loss.

Best Syndication names breast augmentations, tummy tucks, liposuction and body lifts as popular treatments following massive weight loss. Treatments such as these mean that any loose skin can be taken care of and the patient can realise the full potential of the body they have worked incredibly hard to achieve.

Following dramatic weight loss, it can be surprising and dismaying to discover that the problems are not all over. Ms Milbury recounted her reaction to The Sun: "When I first started slimming, I didnt think about the end result. I thought that would be me and Id just be slim."

However, when she found her body did not quite go the way she had intended, she knew that cosmetic surgery would help to correct the loose skin she was experiencing.