28 June 2011

ks142401The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) have both said people need to "think carefully" before undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures. The warning follows an increase in the number of competitions being held with cosmetic surgery procedures such as Botox injections and breast enlargements offered as prizes. The BBC has reported instances of treatments being offered in magazine competitions and lottery draws.IHAS spokesperson, Sally Taber, said: "They're enticing people to have cosmetic surgery who may not have even thought about it. It's important people make an informed decision in the right environment." As well as urging people to seek consultation sessions prior to having treatments carried out, experts have said it is just as important to make sure you're being seen by accredited professionals at registered clinics. American socialite and reality television star Kim Kardashian revealed last week that she had been turned down for a nose operation after a consultation session in which her surgeon decided the procedure was not necessary.