26 October 2010

Best known for her sharp tongue and fondness for self improvement through cosmetic surgery, comedian Joan Rivers is the star of a new film documenting her five decades in the business. Joan's career has been a fascinating ride and the film, which follows the star for a period of 14 months, details some of the ups and downs she's had along the way. According to the Guardian, the film, directed by Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg, won an award at the Sundance film festival and has been critically praised.In her typically forthright manner, Joan described her experience at the Sundance award ceremony: "I went there with two speeches. "The first was, 'look, I had nothing to do with it' and then we started to win awards, so I changed my speech to 'I always knew. It was all me'." The out-spoken star has long been vocal about her opinion on plastic surgery, and the procedures she's had include two facelifts, rhinoplasty and eye bag removal surgery. Last year Joan released a book - Men Are Stupid... And They Like Big Boobs: A Womans Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery - which detailed some of her opinions on the subject, as well as her belief that red carpet stars should be vocal about the types of treatments they've had. When asked about the inspiration for the book, she said: "I thought, let me just write a book and tell them everything I can find out about plastic surgery and different procedures. I spoke with 25 doctors, so that was great. And Im thrilled that I did it. Women shouldnt have to whisper about it to each other."