09 June 2011

57280023Plastic surgeons in New Orleans have noted a rise in the number of enquiries for body-shaping procedures, such as liposuction, in the run up to the summer months. Dr Michelle M Cooper, who runs a cosmetic surgery clinic in the city, issued a press release in which she said that many of her patients were unable to the bodies they want simply by healthy eating and regular exercise. Many of my patients have been exercising and following a healthy diet in order to prepare for the warmer summer months, but they still have certain problem areas that just don't seem to improve such as 'love handles' or 'saddle bags', said Dr Cooper. Plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction or a tummy tuck are often chosen to correct those minor imperfections and give them the body they have worked so hard to attain, she added. Cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK have also seen a rise in the number of enquiries in the spring months, with many patients opting for breast implants, laser hair removal and liposuction before the bikini season starts.