24 February 2011

The rate at which party girl Lindsay Lohan is ageing is unnatural, alarming even. But the actress doesnt have a rare condition, she simply drinks too much, doesnt get enough sleep and tries her very best to ensure cosmetic surgery covers up the effects of these bad habits. One critic described Lindsay Lohans forehead as so tight and shiny that it looks like an iPhone 4, while another said that the combination of dark circles and a trout pout put her face-age well into the thirties. When the Lindsay Lohan look was under intense scrutiny - around the time of her arrest for breaching her probation order - facial plastic surgeon Dr Richard Fleming said: Her cheeks dont have the definition they had before and I suspect shes had fillers as she doesnt look like shes put on weight. Its rare that a 24-year-old needs fillers. Very seldom would I do that. So it seems that the way to avoid the dreaded Lindsay Lohan look is to avoid overdoing cosmetic surgery and minimally-invasive treatments such as Botox at a young age, and stick to procedures that enhance what you already have. The unnatural fullness of her face, cheeks, lips and nose, and the tautness of her forehead only serve to make the troubled 20-something look much older than her years, removing those enviably high and defined cheekbones and fresh-faced innocence that everyone loved about her in the beginning. And the second lesson in being less Lindsay Lohan and more Scarlet Johansson, is to pick a surgeon with ethics, one who knows that 24-year-olds dont generally need dermal fillers...or a trout pout...or so much Botox that they look like a popular brand of mobile phone.