Cosmetic Surgery most popular in Birmingham, figures reveal

Cosmetic Surgery most popular in Birmingham, figures reveal

9 December 2014

New figures have revealed that residents of Birmingham have undergone the highest rate of Cosmetic Surgery this year, with the city also coming a close second for the most Breast Enlargement procedures.

A total of 1,089 Cosmetic Surgical procedures were undertaken in Birmingham between January and September of this year, with Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping Surgery), Liposuction, and Breast Enlargement procedures among the most popular.

795 Cosmetic Surgical procedures were carried out in Leeds, putting the city in second place, ahead of Glasgow with 791, Manchester (724) and Liverpool (644).

131 Breast Enlargement procedures were undertaken in Birmingham this year, with one Cosmetic Surgeon commenting: “Breast enlargement has always been a hugely popular cosmetic operation.

“The girls who have this operation tend to fall into one of two groups.

“Firstly, there are those who have always been smaller breasted and want to be bigger, then there is a slightly older group of women who have had babies and lost breast volume afterwards.”

The Cosmetic Surgeon added that there has been a change in attitude towards Breast Enlargement procedures in recent years, saying: “There’s also much less of a stigma now towards breast augmentation and other plastic surgeries than perhaps there was in years gone by”.

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