01 August 2011

90339366The new series of BBC One’s Dragons’ Den sees a new face – successful, self-made business woman Hilary Devey. Devey has replaced the softly spoken James Caan as the fifth dragon and has already caused a stir thanks to her gravelly voice, dramatic shoulder pads and an exterior that looks as though it has been smoothed and plumped over the years.The 54-year-old from Lancashire made her millions in the pallet distribution industry but nearly didn’t make it past 55 when she ignored advice from a leading surgeon. Devey paid £6,000 to have tummy tuck surgery but lied to doctors about giving up smoking and paid a heavy price. Surgeons advised her to quit smoking two to three weeks before the operation to give her body the best chance of recovery, but Devey defied orders and found herself in a serious condition due to an infection. Her advice to anyone considering cosmetic surgery would be to follow advice to the letter, and to bear in mind that it should be viewed as seriously as other surgery. In an interview with the Daily Mail in 2009, Devey said: “I've never had a day off work or been ill in my life - the odd cold is about as serious as it gets for me, so I saw no reason to be concerned. “The only thing I fell down on, and was specifically told to do, was to give up cigarettes. [My surgeon] said I needed to stop smoking two to three weeks before the operation, and warned me there were greater risks if I didn't because it deprives the tissue of the oxygen it needs to heal properly, and potentially affects the heart.” The new dragon advises anyone considering surgery to heed all warnings. “I can see that ignoring the risks of cosmetic surgery could cost you very dearly in terms of your health; so taking the cheap route really isn't worth the risk. “With the benefit of hindsight, I certainly needed to have taken on board the fact that cosmetic surgery is still major surgery.”