29 September 2011

80402103A 74-year-old woman who recently had blepharoplasty, cosmetic surgery to remove eye bags, has revealed that surgery is not always about looking better but is sometimes a medical necessity. In an interview with, Mary Lou Lueders, a widower with five children, said: I just thought I would grow old gracefully.But it was a comment from her daughter, who said that her eyelids had become so droopy that they were affecting her vision, which prompted her to book a consultation. Lueders saw plastic surgeon Adam Scheiner who not only agreed that having eyelid surgery would help her vision, but also that by having the area underneath her eyes looked at she could also dramatically improve her overall appearance. People told me I looked 10, 20 years younger, said Lueders following the operation. Now I understand why women do this sort of thing. It makes them feel better and look better, she added. Scheiner added: I had a patient in her 90s come in for eyelid surgery. The face communicates so much. The natural course of aging may make us look sleepy, tired or sick all the time. That's not fair to those people who feel great but their face sends a different message.