21 December 2011

Botox and surgical procedures including tummy tucks are topping the list of many people’s wish lists this Christmas. Surgeons in Orange County, America, have noted a rise in the number of patients opting for non-surgical treatments and surgical procedures in the run-up to Christmas. One such example is Tina Franklin, a resident in Orange County, who has put Botox on her Christmas list because she wants to start the New Year feeling ‘fresh’. Ms Franklin’s older sister Nicole Tuzzolino obliged her sister’s request and paid $650 (£415) for the treatment.“Living in Orange County, the mecca of plastic surgery, you definitely want to do procedures, including Botox, to soften but not freeze,” said Ms Franklin. In an interview with ABC television network, Dr Tenley Lawton, who administered Ms Franklin’s Botox, said that more women than ever are opting for line and wrinkle treatments, tummy tuck surgery and breast augmentation. He added that these procedures are often part of a ‘mummy makeover’, when women strive to return their bodies to the way they were before childbirth.