22 June 2011

86490365Experts have confirmed that creams are unlikely to be effective in treating cellulite and that cosmetic surgery may be the only option. Dr Claudia Aguirre, scientific communications manager for the International Dermal Institute, admits that cellulite is a cosmetic issue and not a health concern but understands that it can be detrimental to mental wellbeing.[People] can be perfectly fit, perfectly healthy and live a long healthy life [but still have cellulite], said Dr Aguirre. Despite this, experts understand that some people will not be happy with their appearance until they are free from cellulite. She remarked that there isnt a cream out there which is going to change the architecture of your fibres and went on to say that only changing the bodys architecture would help. In essence, as a woman, unless you are able to change that architecture, then you won't really change the appearance of cellulite on the skin. The way that a woman develops fat is just inherently different to the way a man develops fat. That is why women will get cellulite and men won't, she said.Liposuction surgery can be used to change the bodys architecture and can result in a slimmer and smoother appearance of the treated area.