15 March 2011

Plastic surgeons from across American and India have set up an organisation that will be committed to offering humanitarian aid to those in desperate need of surgery. The American Society of Indian Plastic Surgeons will provide relief to those in need across the world, including those living in poverty in India. The plastic surgeons who pioneered the organisation made their first mission to India in 2009, operating on 48 patients with a range of medical problems, from cleft palates to birth defects. They now plan to undertake a week-long second mission, under the ASIPS name, at the beginning of next month. Dr Chanjiv Singh, a plastic surgeon from Punjab, India, who is involved in the humanitarian outreach work, said: At this time, plastic surgery is experiencing a challenge. The vast majority of plastic surgeons have devoted themselves to cosmetic surgery because it is more profitable. In fact, doctors with specialties in other fields are venturing out to practice this sub-specialty. Dr Singh is hoping that this organisation will encourage other plastic surgeons to devote some of their time each year to helping those with no access to life-saving reconstructive surgery, or no means with which to pay for it.