01 December 2009

A new study has revealed that the majority of patients who undergo cosmetic surgery prefer to keep their treatments a secret from associates, friends and even family.TopNews reports that the study conducted by The Harley Medical Group questioned 1,000 people who had undergone plastic surgery, and found that 85 per cent of respondents opted not to share the information with others. According to the study, almost one in five patients do not disclose their surgery even to their family members.Men's cosmetic surgery is a more private affair than women's, with 94 per cent of men choosing not to tell their work colleagues about their surgery, compared to a lower 78 per cent of women. Men are also less likely to reveal their treatments to their close friends, with 52 per cent choosing not to discuss their surgery. By contrast, only 27 per cent of women elect to keep their surgery a secret from close friends. Director of the Harley Medical Group, Liz Dale, explained: "Many patients will keep quiet in the lead up to their surgery and intend to keep it hidden but can't help revealing their secret when it comes to the unveiling of their new stomach or boobs. However, celebrities are a different matter altogether and if they've decided to keep their plastic surgery, [B]otox or other cosmetic treatments under wraps they really keep quiet, or even outright deny it." Patients can find great benefits in discussing their surgery, both before and after treatment, to help them achieve their desired result. This is why websites such as the Good Surgeon Guide offer a platform for patients to openly discuss their treatments, which can be as anonymous as they prefer.