21 November 2008

Consumers seeking cosmetic surgery are being warned by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons not to sacrifice quality for cost during the economic downturn.

The ASPS says consumers would be making a big mistake to put price before professional training when looking into cosmetic surgery procedures. The concern was voiced at the ASPS annual scientific meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

"The search for bottom-basement prices may impact safety, and patients should proceed carefully before putting their faces in the hand of just anyone," said John Canady, MD and ASPS President.

For customers still looking for cosmetic surgery during hard financial times, the ASPS put forth some recommendations for finding the best care and treatment.

The ASPS notes that customers can still choose to save money by having non-invasive procedures, like choosing substitute fillers for facelifts.

They said customers should be sure to ask their plastic surgeon what they should expect from the surgery, as well as if there are any alternative treatments available.

They also recommend that consumers ask themselves whether their cosmetic surgery decision is based on price or qualifications, or if the deal sounds too good to be true (if it does, it probably is).

ASPS reinforces that the most important thing to remember is that consumers should never swap quality care for cheaper costs.

"The point is, while less expensive procedures appear more desirable when money is tight, cheaper is not better if the procedure is being done by someone who is unqualified or not properly supervised," said Canady.