15 April 2009

New research is predicting that the cosmetic surgery industry is set to grow in America. Numbers from the Freedonia Group show that the US cosmetic surgery industry could grow to total around $18.2m (12.2m) by 2012, meaning an increase of about seven per cent year on year. According to, the research group noted: "Demand will be driven by an increasing number of individuals who spend their disposable income on cosmetic surgery procedures to improve their appearance and enhance self-esteem."The company noted that the cosmeceutical industry is also set to grow alongside cosmetic surgery as an ageing population seeks ways to continue looking young. These numbers were echoed by global research company Euromonitor, who noted: "Although the desire to look youthful is nothing new, many consumers now feel that ageing is something that can and should be actively fought against." Anti-ageing products, such as non-surgical cosmetic treatments, are expected to continue growing in popularity. The research found that injectibles such as Botox and dermal fillers will see the fastest growth, as the market is set to expand by 10 per cent each year until 2012. Though many have noted that the cosmetic surgery industry could see a loss in profit due to the current economic recession, reality has proved to show a different story. New reports have shown that many people are turning to cosmetic surgery procedures in order to boost their job prospects in tough times, as they believe looking young and confident will help them find the ideal job. In addition, the market has seen an increase in the number of men seeking treatments as stigma surrounding male cosmetic surgery decreases.