26 September 2012

Fierce competition in the workplace and a deeply ingrained philosophy about the importance of appearances are said to be two of the reasons why Korea is the world's cosmetic surgery hotspot. Data released earlier this year claimed that South Korea was the world's largest market for cosmetic surgery procedures and that per capita, more people in South Korea had tried cosmetic surgery than in any other country in the world.A new study has found Koreans are prepared to pay over the odds to get their hands on the latest imported skincare products. It said a bottle of popular anti-ageing cream cost $55 more in Korea than in the US. Kim Ju-duck, president of the Korean Cosmetic Association, said she believes some people place more importance on keeping up appearances. "Korean women tend to prefer brand-name products, especially cosmetics, because it makes us seem like we can easily afford those items," she said. "That's one of the reasons why imported cosmetics continue to sell out in Korea." She added that people in the country also tend to remain loyal to a brand once they have begun using it. See original article here: