16 September 2010

Pop legend Cher still has what it takes to dazzle audiences, after the 64-year-old caused a stir when baring her firm and tattooed rear in a revealing outfit at last weekend's MTV VMA awards. The 'Believe' singer, who has also had a successful career in Hollywood, is clearly not content to lead a shy and retiring life away from the limelight, even into her 60s. Many have suspected that Cher's lasting looks are the result of cosmetic surgery, including treatments such as face lifts helping her to hold back the years.However, according to Bonnie Fuller of The Huffington Post, Cher's great figure is not just a result of the surgeon's scalpel. The editor-in-chief wrote: "She has had plastic surgery, certainly on her face, but even if she had liposuction all over her body, who cares? She's still had to also put a huge effort into maintaining her muscles. "Liposuction can take fat cells out, but it can't tone you up!" Ms Fuller added that people were praising Cher for holding onto her looks even at age 40, when she first donned the famous Bob Mackie-designed netted bodysuit, and that to still look great 24 years later is an admirable feat. Cher introduced Lady Gaga at Sunday's prestigious event, who managed to upstage her contemporaries and cause an even bigger sensation by wearing a dress made entirely of meat, which drew criticism from animal activist groups such as PETA.