16 June 2010

British representatives have been invited to sit on a new committee set up in Brussels, which may finally agree on standard regulations for cosmetic surgery in the UK. Comprehensive controls over plastic surgery are good for patients as well as practitioners, allowing anyone who's thinking of having a breast enlargement, liposuction or non surgical solutions such as Botox to make sure their surgeon is accredited and qualified to carry out their treatments.Ethical cosmetic surgery providers have long called for cosmetic surgery laws to protect patients, and the president of BAAPS, Nigel Mercer, is one of the people invited to participate in the development of these new European standards. Mr Mercer said: "The UK, as many other countries, has so far failed to put in place adequate regulations or standards to protect the public from unscrupulous providers who are mainly preoccupied with profit. "Therefore I will be delighted to join the new Project Committee for Aesthetic Surgery Services and help design a solid Europe-wide framework which will ensure patients can rely on safe treatment and facilities wherever they might be." Unscrupulous cosmetic surgeons not only carry out potentially harmful treatments, but can also often leave out essential parts of the treatment process, such as consultations and after-care services. By choosing a cosmetic surgery clinic that conforms to standard regulations, patients can be assured that their treatments are carried out by skilled surgeons and professionally trained providers who are interested in helping them achieve their ideal appearance rather than just making money.