11 March 2009

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular among senior citizens, according to a new report. The revelation, from American marketing director and cosmetic consultant Ana Phelps, shows that women aged over 55 are embracing cosmetic surgery. Phelps says often these women have lost spouses and are planning to re-enter the dating scene.Phelps told the Southeast Missourian: "They still want to look good and feel good." She noted that procedures on the face, including eye lifts and Botox are the most popular among seniors, with tummy tucks the second most popular choice. In addition, Phelps added that many seniors choose to undergo cosmetic surgery after serious medical procedures. She said their choice is often a way for them to boost their appearance as well as their self-confidence. Jackson, Missouri resident Mary Kim chose to undergo breast reconstruction surgery after overcoming breast cancer. She said: "The reconstruction was wonderful... It was a really positive experience for me. "Plastic surgery, especially of that type, makes you feel better about yourself." After having a positive experience after her breast surgery, Kim chose to go back for more cosmetic procedures, and has had an eye lift surgery. She said: "I was totally open to plastic surgery for myself. It's the thing to do if it will make you feel better about yourself. If you've had breast cancer, it's a must. For anything else, if it bothers you, then go for it!" Experts are noting that it's important for baby boomers to research their procedures fully before choosing to undergo the knife.