21 July 2010

The explosive growth of non surgical treatments, making it quicker and cheaper than ever before to combat the signs of ageing, is not causing a corresponding decline in the number of people embracing more invasive treatments, according to an industry expert.Writing for, Dr Carlos Wolf responded to suggestions that traditional cosmetic surgery was "going the way of the dinosaur" by highlighting figures showing the high number of people still opting for long-term treatments, such as face lifts, alongside those seeking shorter-term solutions such as Botox. "There are some great non-invasive procedures that work and will stand the test of time, but you must choose wisely," Dr Wolf advised. "You should choose a physician who offers both surgical and nonsurgical options so you can get an unbiased opinion. You do not want to have a procedure merely because your physician is obligated to pay for that new miracle machine that will be obsolete by next year." Both traditional and non-invasive cosmetic treatments are booming in the UK, following news of a 219 per cent rise in the number of men and women choosing non surgical treatments over the last five years. The UK cosmetic surgery industry as a whole grew by 175 per cent over the same period. "While innovations will make non-invasive procedures more palatable, plastic surgery is here to stay," Dr Wolf explained. "Good surgical technique along with reproducible surgical results will power the plastic surgical industry as the economy powers out of this recession."