01 November 2010

While Kelly Osbourne has long been a vocal supporter of cosmetic surgery, she has lately been protesting that her recent weight loss was achieved naturally. The TV personality appeared on American TV show Dancing with the Stars last year, and the experience provided a catalyst when it came to her weight. According to, Kelly has claimed that she continued to eat healthily and exercise following her stint on the reality show and has now lost a total of 42lbs. Her dramatic weight loss has sparked a number of rumours about cosmetic surgery, but the star has insisted they are false - although she also says she has nothing against a little help from cosmetic surgery and thinks she may turn to it in the future. She explained: "When the saggy bits appear I'll think about plastic surgery." Kelly's mother Sharon is also famous for her open attitude towards cosmetic surgery. She has often publically derided stars who keep their procedures secret and has been more than happy to talk about the various work she's had done. Over the years, Sharon has had a face lift, tummy tuck and breast lift to boost her confidence. This is not the first time Kelly has spoken out about her recent weight loss, earlier this year the star told Closer magazine that she's not had fillers or liposuction, she said: "Ive lost weight from my face, and thats why it looks different.