Cosmetic surgery tourism: how a Breast Augmentation abroad could mean a different result

Cosmetic surgery tourism: how a Breast Augmentation abroad could mean a different result

1 July 2015

Beautiful means something different in every country. In the UK false tan is a commonly used beauty product, whereas in Asia skin lightening creams are widely used. On the European continent women often leave the hair under their arms, whereas the majority of women in the UK remove this hair. It’s a matter of personal preference.

However, with the rise in Cosmetic Surgery tourism in the past 10 years, these international differences in beauty ideals are becoming more significant.

In an international survey of 614 Cosmetic Surgeons from 29 different countries, respondents were asked to adjust an interactive image to create what they considered to be the ideal breast. The image could display smaller or larger areolas and a fuller or reduced breast size.

The results showed the perfect breast varied greatly from country to country. Surgeons in India, for example, preferred the fullest look achievable for the upper breast; whereas French Surgeons favoured a much smaller boob.

In terms of nipple size, Brazilian Surgeons preferred the largest areola, while German Surgeons opted for the smallest nipple. The majority of Surgeons surveyed in America, India and France also preferred a larger size areola.

For patients, this means travelling abroad for Breast Augmentation may have disappointing results.  “In a global environment, patients who seek surgery in another country may not be happy with their result” said one of the Doctors conducting the survey. While a second Doctor continued, “we can gleam there is no universally accepted aesthetic norm when talking about breast shape.”

Communication between Surgeon and patient is hugely important when considering Cosmetic Surgery. The Doctors concluded, “This will establish a common denominator between patients and Surgeons, which will ultimately lead to a higher patient satisfaction.”

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Image credit: Karramba Production/Shutterstock