23 January 2009

While demand for breast surgery is booming, a new release has shown that requests for very large boobs are on the out. Cosmetic surgery provider Harley Medical Group questioned women who had recently undergone breast surgery, and found that much larger boobs were on their way out of fashion.When asked about their opinion of model Nicola McClean's self-proclaimed "lovely jugs" the majority of women gave the "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" star's chest a definitive thumbs down. 81 per cent of the 121 women questioned said they thought her breasts were too overblown and artificial looking, according to website PR Wire. Those women questioned said they would rather turn to a more natural look, reflecting the 'less is more' attitude of breast implants taken by celebrities like Ulrika Jonsson. Their attitude is mirrored by figures that show 75 per cent of women who had a breast enlargement in the last six months opted to increase their size by just one or two cup sizes. Recent figures also show that boob jobs remain the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, making up 30 per cent of all procedures in clinics across the UK. The director of Harley Group, Liz Dale, said: "over the last five years we've really noticed that huge breasts are out and instead women come to us looking for a natural result. "In fact, the most popular cup size requested in a C cup and 80 per cent of our patients opt for just a one or two cup size increase. Contrary to popular belief, most cosmetic surgery patients want to fit in - not stand out."