22 September 2008

Actor and presenter Leslie Ash has revealed that she is planning to have a facelift when she turns 50.

The 48-year-old Men Behaving Badly star was inspired to change her mind on cosmetic surgery following working on a television documentary that investigates the industry and attitudes towards plastic surgery. During the making of the show, a plastic surgeon suggested that a facelift could be a viable option to remedy the botched surgery she underwent in 2002, where poor lip implants led to a paralysed upper lip and a resulting look known as a "Trout Pout".

The Mirror reports that she said: "It would obviously be a big deal for me to go under the knife again - but let's face it, I'm damned if I do it and damned if I don't. At 50, maybe that's the time."

In the documentary - Leslie Ash: Face to Face - Ash will investigate various approaches to cosmetic surgery procedures, including dermal fillers, collagen and Botox. Viewers will also see discussions between Ash and surgeon Niall Kirkpatrick that warn her of any attempt to perform treatment on the implants in her lips could have unwanted side effects.

However, Ash would not let the risk hold her back from having future treatment. She said: "There was always that 'What if?' question in my head about the implants. But Niall has convinced me." She added: "If I wanted to have a facelift, I would have it.

"And believe me, there won't be any mistakes this time."

Leslie Ash: Face to Face will be aired on September 23 on ITV.