14 February 2011

University graduates in Hong Kong are spending thousands of US dollars on cosmetic surgery procedures, in a bid to be first in line for the best jobs. The South China Morning Post reported that the number of people looking to have cosmetic surgery had risen by more than 20 per cent in the last few years, and that many procedures are being funded by the parents of young jobseekers. One surgical specialist reportedly said that patients as young as 14 were undergoing surgical procedures and that these were being paid for by parents. Dr Daniel Lee Tin-Chak, a plastic surgeon based in Hong Kong, said: Some young people go for the treatment before looking for jobs. They will grab the school holidays to do it, or have one right after graduation before going for job interviews. A 23-year-old graduate who was interviewed by the newspaper revealed that she had spent $5,133 on eyelid surgery to enlarge her eyes before she started her hunt for a job. Competition for jobs in Hong Kong is fierce amongst those who have a degree as the number of people achieving high academic qualifications continues to rise.