11 August 2011

57277616The secret to looking good into your 50s is a combination of supplements and cosmetic treatments. This is according to experts who appeared on the latest episode of the Dr Oz Show, which airs on American television. Experts on the show clarified that caring for and maintenance of older skin is very different to that of younger skin. Younger skin benefits from great skin care products, while older skin benefits from a simple skin care regime with minimal products. Using too many different products can cause irritation, redness and even acne on those aged 50 or more.As well as simple skin care, experts explained that Botox and other dermal fillers are one of the most effective ways to plump skin in the over-50 age group, and can also boost the bodys own natural collagen production. Nutritional supplements such as vitamin D and calcium were also said to be essential for women over 50, at which age bone health can become an issue.