16 May 2012

More than eight out of 10 Canadian women believe injectable cosmetic treatments such as Botox have become mainstream, according to a poll. And a third of those questioned said they had become as commonplace as colouring their hair or teeth whitening, according to the survey, which questioned 800 women.Fifty-seven per cent of that sample admitted they had undergone some form of cosmetic treatment on their body. The FACE Report, which aimed to measure the attitudes of Canadian women and leading aesthetic practitioners around the country, reported that more than 8.75 million non-surgical procedures had been carried out in the country in 2009. CTV also noted that men were increasingly heading to their doctor to find out about the treatments available to help them ward off the signs of ageing. And University of British Columbia sociologist Laura Hurd Clarke told Best Health magazine: "It's becoming socially unacceptable to look old. We live in a culture that equates physical signs of ageing with the loss of social and sexual desirability."