11 March 2013

InjectionBotox is considered the cosmetic treatment which offers the best value to both male and female patents. That's the view of an Austin, Texas-based surgeon with more than 30 years' experience in the business. Dr Steven Zimmet compiled lists of what he considered to be the five 'best value' treatments for both men and women and in both cases the four treatments ranked the most beneficial and best value for money were the same.A treatment of Botox typically lasts three to six months, Dr Zimmet noted, and while its main benefit is in relaxing facial muscles and smoothing out fine lines, the fact that it has also been found to be effective in helping relieve patients who suffer from regular migraine headaches, and in treating excessive perspiration in some parts of the body, means that it can help treat more than one symptom or condition. Body contouring treatments were also considered to represent good value, often producing good results in eliminating areas of difficult-to-move fat on the body. Both men and women were considered to get effective results from pulsed light facial rejuvenation treatment, and skin-tightening procedures. Dr Zimmet pointed out that, rather than concentrating purely on the volume of procedures carried out, his list also took account of factors such as safety, the ease of undergoing the procedure, and the recovery time involved. Read more: