08 March 2012

Cosmetic surgery, specifically a mummy makeover, has been suggested as a great way for women to celebrate International Womens Day. Today marks the 101st International Womens Day, which was started as a way to initiate change for women in the early 1900s and has continued as a day to celebrate the importance of women all over the world.In todays Daily Mail online, Dr Ajaya Kashyap suggested that a mummy makeover can involve anything from surgical procedures such as a tummy tuck to remove any loose skin left after childbirth, to facial rejuvenation treatments for tired-looking mums. However, its not just mums who Dr Kashyap suggests could treat themselves. She knows that there are many women who decide to get a makeover for rejuvenation. Plastic surgeon Dr K.M. Kapoor agrees: Women between 32-45 years generally head for makeovers either after child birth or at any other time because they want to maintain their active lifestyle and don't feel that having a baby marks the end of their career and social life. Dr Kapoor went on to say that vaginal tightening and reshaping surgery, sometimes known as designer vagina, has also become increasingly popular with new mums. See original story here: